News links for Friday.

Paddling debate shifts to the home [Houston Chronicle] 
Like I needed another reason not to move to Texas, a state representative there has ” filed a bill that gives parents the right to use corporal punishment for "the reasonable discipline" of their children.” I guess it’s not enough that there isn’t any law in any of the 50 states prohibiting spanking your kid at home; in Texas some people need a law giving them the go-ahead. The representative proposing this is the same guy who (successfully) defended a grandmother who whipped her 14 year old grandchild with an extension cord. An EXTENSION CORD?

Dads Urged to Be Involved in Child Health
[ABC News via AP]
In a new report, the American Academy of Pediatrics wants us dads to be more involved with our child’s health care, and wants pediatricians to listen to what the dads have to say. It seems obvious, but I hope it helps pediatricians realize they should listen to both parents at the visit, and not just what the mom has to say.

Parents search for family friendly games
[The Age (Australia)]
Even though I’m addicted right now to Halo 2 on XBOX, I realize it probably won’t be a game I’ll be playing with Madame anytime soon. What surprised me though was that over half of videogames sold in 2003 were rated E (the lowest rating – “E”veryone). I would have thought it was less.