Fifth month developments.

Well, we’re a day past Madame’s 5 month birthday, and like I blogged about last week, my little girl is still very advanced. In hindsight it doesn’t seem like the fourth month was incredibly eventful, but she’s well on her way to some big milestones. The new developments this month were:

  • Laughing Spontaneously: This one is great. Sometimes I can just make a funny face or say something and she’ll just look at me and laugh. Or sometimes there isn’t any reason I can figure out at all. She’s also very ticklish, which is fun, but it’s the random laughs that get to me. Of course, the second you try to repeat the face or what you were saying, it isn’t as funny anymore, and you just get that slightly condescending puzzled look.
  • Screaming (or, Let’s Figure Out How Loud My Voice Is): This is easily my least favorite. I don’t do well with high pitched sounds anyway, and man can she send a high-pitched yelp right through my skull. And the weird thing is it’s not from laughing or joy, but it seems like it’s just so she can see what she can do.
  • Unassisted Standing: She’s no Tiger Woods, but she’s so good at standing now that I can stand her up and put her hands on the couch and she will stand there by herself. Eventually she falls but the whole time she’s doing it she’s grinning like a crazy person.
  • Sitting Up into a Tripod: When last month all she wanted to do was sit up, now she can do it (pretty much). Her new favorite thing is to sit up in the corner of the couch and play with a toy. If she starts to fall forward, she knows now to put her arm down to brace herself (into sort of a baby tripod). If she falls over however, there’s no getting back up without some help.
  • Reaching and Grasping: The toy we hung from the handle of her car seat is now getting some use, as now she’s interested in grabbing for it. The good is not without the bad however, as she'll also use her gooey baby hand to reach up and grab my glasses.

This month has really made it clear to me that all the milestones you hope for (sitting up, walking, talking etc.) are really just the end of a long chain of smaller, more modest milestones. Nothing is going to happen overnight I guess. Anyway, thanks for the self-indulgence.