Desperate for a good article about SAHDs.

You know what sucks? Having to complain about every article about stay-at-home-dads that I read in the newspaper or online. The NY Times, trying to cash in on the Desperate Housewives phenomenon, did a story yesterday about desperate househusbands (without actually saying “desperate househusbands” which I guess I should be happy about, but I’m not). Apparently we stay-at-home-dads are desperate because we are “isolated,” and “fish out of water,” and “islands in a sea of women.” What a bunch of crap. If you feel isolated or different, get over yourself and make some friends, start a blog, connect with some dads. And remember you're doing the most important job of your life. Don’t bitch to the NY Times.

This article of complaining, whining dads pisses me off, but they saved the best for last:

And while the desperate housewives on Wisteria Lane have their exciting trysts with teenage gardeners and mysterious neighbors, there are seemingly few worries that these stay-at-home husbands have any potential for steamy affairs with their female counterparts. After all, what is threatening about a man loaded down with diapers?

"It takes one's manhood, chews it up, spits it out and does it again," said Gregg Rood, 43, who has taken care of his daughters, ages 7 and 11, in Westfield, N.J., for two years. "You really need a strong marriage and confidence. I don't have a lot of friends who could do this."

Kiss my ass NY Times. I may be slinging a diaper bag, but I’m sexy as hell.

Housewives Try This For Desperation [NY Times. Subscription required (or BugMeNot)]

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