Mall Santa.

Madame and I took a quick trip to the mall yesterday morning, and I noticed something kind of strange. The mall we went to already had a Santa Claus taking pictures with kids. I'm used to seeing Christmas stuff well before Thanksgiving at places like the drugstore, but a mall Santa? If they are working now, when do these guys apply for jobs? July?  Apparently, because I was only able to find one job posting online for a Santa, so I guess most of the gigs are taken. Or maybe they use Santas Around the Globe to help them find work.

Anyway, it seems way too early to take your kid to see Santa, but the more I thought about it, it might not be such a bad idea. Take the baby now and avoid the lines - it's not like she can tell Santa what she wants, or that she's even aware what's going on. And I'll have the pictures ready to send to the Grandmas.