It's Kradle with a "K."

KradleI thought I had a pretty good handle on baby stuff. I’ve done the research, I take care of the kid, but sometimes an obvious product sneaks up on me. That’s the way it was with the Koala Bear Kare® Infant Seat Kradle. (“Koala Bear Kare® are the people who make so many of the restroom changing tables we’ve all come to appreciate.) Last weekend we went out to lunch with Madame, and the waitress offered us a “sling” for the baby. My wife immediately said that yes, we would love one, and the waitress came back with this simple contraption. It’s basically a luggage rack that's deep enough to put the baby’s car seat in. It keeps the kid at table height without having to put her on the table. It’s an obvious idea that works great. It’s not so great that I want one for my house, but it sure came in handy at the restaurant.

$84.00 (ouch) at Amazon