Stickers for your wall.

Before Madame was born we decided not to find out the sex of the baby ahead of time - an unpopular decision with our family and friends, but it did end up being a lot of fun to be surprised. Consequently one of the first challenges I had as a new father-to-be was set up a modern, unisex nursery. In the process of doing this I discovered a great home decor product, Blik Surface Graphics.

Blik makes decals for your walls (or any other surface you can find). You can’t re-apply them once they’re stuck, but they say when you take them down they don’t leave any sort of mark. The designs are for children and adults, and are really ideal for apartment dwellers with landlords who won’t let them paint, or parents who don’t want to paint their kids’ room every 5 years. Some of my favorites are the Transport series (which I got for my nephew’s room), Organic and Invader (which look like classic Space Invaders). If you’ve got a favorite poem or quote they’ll cut you a custom set, and even tell you how to lay them out on your wall. We used a bunch of Baby Blik dots all over one wall in the nursery and it looks great (if I do say so myself). Fun, colorful, and good for either a boy or a girl.