Big day today.

Well, the maternity leave is over and the wife officially went back to work this morning, which means that today is my first official day as a stay-at-home-dad. To honor the occasion I thought I’d mention a few of my favorite dad websites/blogs that I’ve been reading these past few months. These sites have helped me get through a lot of the apprehension and nervousness I've been feeling about today. Thanks dads.

Daddy Types – Maybe because I seem to have similar interests, or maybe it’s because I also love my Bugaboo Frog, but this is the one blog I always make sure I read. He’s got great stories, advice, and easily the best info on the newest and coolest dad and baby gear. Updated very regularly, this is one everyone should check out.

Rebel Dad – For the latest commentary and links to everything stay-at-home dad (“SAHD”) related in the news and on the web, Rebel Dad is the source. This dude scours the internet (and who knows where else) to shed light on what people are saying/thinking about full-time dads, all the time preaching the good news of the SAHD revolution. Updated almost every day it also garners tons of comments from fellow readers.

City Pop – More a journal than a blog, City Pop manages to tell stories about his son and family that are both endearing and funny. – Not a blog but more a traditional content-based website, this is the first site I ever found about SAHDs, and probably the biggest. It’s not updated all the time, but it does seem to be the best place to start if you want to connect with other SAHDs in your city or state (they'll even host small one page websites for your local SAHD group).