Werner Herzog "Reads" Curious George

via daddytypes.com

"But is it really George's fault? Or is it the Man in The Yellow Hat's fault for taking an agent of chaos out of the wilderness, and trying against all hope to civilize him?"

If you've ever read any Curious George story to your kids (especially the first story), then watching this is a must.

Greg from DaddyTypes said that this is "the single greatest video I've seen in my six years of dadblogging." It's really hard to disagree.

My other favorite:

"Dingaling. Dingalingaling. George had telephoned the fire station. They thought it was a real fire. "No fire!" exclaimed the fire chief. Only a naughty little monkey. Angered, the firemen take action. In short order, a monkey has bested seven adult men. This should give you a dim view of human potential."