CES 2008. The big yawn.

Ces_transformerSo this was my fifth year going to the Consumer Electronics Showcase here in Las Vegas, and after two days of walking the miles and miles of convention space, I have to say I'm pretty underwhelmed. In years past it seemed there were new and exciting things announced - or at least a few things that were so cool and forward-thinking you felt lucky to have seen it at CES. But this year there was nothing new and exciting, nothing really groundbreaking, nothing that really made you want to run home and blog about it.

There were some cool products for children and parents. I'll be blogging about most of them over at Babble.com (check out my posts here). And there was a "life size" statue of a Transformer from the Transformers movie that was pretty cool (pictured above). But other than that it was all kind of typical.

Maybe next year I should go to Mac World.

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