Less than two weeks to the convention.

Goddamn time is flying. Halloween was tonight (which, luckily, we seem to be getting better at each year. As a kid Halloween was my favorite holiday, and now as a parent of a toddler, I'm finding the whole trick-or-treating thing really stressful - remind me to thank my parents) and the weekend after next is the stay at home dad convention in Kansas City. And then by the time I get home from that it will be almost Thanksgiving, which means Christmas.

Anyway, I've found three other Dad bloggers who are going to the convention - Al from KC Home Dad, Greg from Hopeless Cases and Kevin from I'm Not a Slacker. Check out their blogs if you get a chance, and if you're a dad (stay at home or not) who's looking for a break, maybe a trip to KC might do you some good. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, but mostly I'm looking forward to a mini vacation before the holidays devour me.

Oh, and eating good barbecue.