Going to the SAHD convention.

AthomedadconventionThe flights are booked and the car is rented. I'm going to the 2006 At Home Dad Convention this year in Kansas City, MO with a fellow stay-at-home-dad and good buddy of mine.

We're not really sure what it will be like, but hey. It's a weekend away in a random (to us at least) city with beers, barbecue and a lot of dads who are in the same boat we are. And oh yeah, there will also be some good info.

(Speaking of that, if you can find it, check out the excerpts of Kyle Pruett's keynote address Rebel Dad podcast last November. There was some really interesting stuff in there.)

And if you're a SAHD who's thinking about or is confirmed going, drop me a line.

For all the info and registration information, check out the website: 2006 At Home Dad Convention (11th Annual? Who knew?)