Damon's a douche.


  1. Free agent and Red Sox Nation favorite Johnny Damon accepts a contract with the New York Yankees. Red Sox fans everywhere feel betrayed.
  2. Stay-at-home mom from Massachusetts creates "Damon Sucks" bibs (pictured) and sells them on eBay.
  3. Damon's agent Scott Boras has eBay remove the auction and threatens the stay-at-home mom's eBay status unless she stops selling the bibs.
  4. Stay-at-home mom gets lawyers and stands up for herself, garnering a lot of publicity in the process. And she's still allowed to sell her bibs.
  5. "Asked about the dispute at Yankee Stadium this week, Damon said he was unaware of it and referred questions to Boras."
  6. [paraphrase] When the multi-millionaire was asked if he was aware he looked like a complete douche bag all over the AP news wire trying to prevent a stay-at-home mom from making a couple of bucks on eBay selling baby's bibs that criticized him, Damon claimed ignorance, skillfully passing the buck and blaming his agent. [/paraphrase]

Internet baby gear-seller hits nerve with Damon's people [AP via good friend and Yankee fan Dan]
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