Naming is never easy.

Right now the modern day mom and I are going through naming negotiations for the new baby. We (unlike pretty much everyone we've ever met) decided not to find out the sex of the baby, which means that at least one of the fairly thorough name investigations will be completely moot.

As difficult as this is, it's nothing compared to naming your band. I've had to name six in my life, and in the end I was only really happy with a couple of them. The Onion AV Club Blog has just posted it's list of the best  of the worst band names of 2006. There are some that are just stupid like "Figure H8" or "Groovatron", but some, like "Battle of the Saxes" or "Honkeytonk Homeslice", truly venture into douche-chill territory.

Worst Band Names of '06 [The Onion AV Club via]