Welcome a new SAHD and Halo anyone?

Halokitty_3On a personal note today, I want to congratulate a friend of mine, Dave, who quit his job and is now in his first week of being a stay at home dad. It wasn't an easy decision for any of us, but I have yet to talk to someone who hates it. So congratulations Dave  - it will be as good as I said it would be. I promise.

And I suppose as long as I'm including personal notes today, I should include this too. I don't know if any of you out there are as addicted to playing Halo 2 on-line as much as I am, but my friends and I are pretty sick of playing with the random teenage douche bags that one usually is made to play with on-line. So at the risk of sounding even more nerdy than I already have on this blog (if that's even possible), if anybody reading this is over 25 and feeling the same way, leave your gamertag in the comments or email me at the link above (left). We usually play around 10PM ET on some weeknights and after dinner on Sunday evenings.