New Jack's Big Music Show shows.

Jbms_sillyFor those of you visiting MDD looking for info about Jack's Big Music Show, I've got two pieces of good news. Thanks to a tip from MDD reader Tom Thumb, Spiffy Pictures has listed on their website info about the long awaited thirteenth episode of JBMS called "Silly Show" (pictured). From the website:

In a vaudevillian romp, Jack, Mary and Mel count through seven of the silliest things that could possibly happen on an otherwise boring day.

It was originally promised for April, but my Tivo hasn't recorded it yet. If I figure out exactly when it airs I'll add it to the comments.

But the thirteenth isn't the last. Thanks to a tip from Bill from, Noggin has announced they've purchased an additional season (13 episodes) of JBMS. The shows will begin production in May and will air in the fall of 2006. There's no other real information from the press release, except that they call JBMS "TRL for the Preschool Set," which I think is dumb.

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