Where the hell are Oobi's parents?

Oobi "...Grampoo loves them all. Ooobi. Oobi. Oobi. Oobi. Oobi. Ooobi..."

For those parents who aren't aware (either by choice or luck), Oobi is a TV show on Noggin where the puppets are just hands with some eyes clipped to the middle finger. At first I thought that would be the thing that really annoyed me, but it isn't really. To be honest, I kind of have to admire the makers of the show - it's not as simple as you might think. The hands not only "talk" but they pick stuff up, throw stuff, point etc., and it all kind of works in a weird way.

No, the part that has burned a hole in my head is grammar. Oobi not conjugate verbs. Ever. Oobi never met a "he," "she," or "I" Oobi liked.

And then there's the "Grampoo" (he's the one with the curled-in denture type fingers). Grampoo takes care of Oobi and his sister, but they never mention what happened to their parents. Is Grampoo's son or daughter a good-for-nothing drug addict? Or maybe they died in a horrible car accident. And where the hell is Grammoo? Has she passed away too? Are they divorced? I can't think of a single senior on television who has more responsibility since Henry stopped taking care of Punky Brewster back in the 80s.

Oh. And it's the only show Madame has ever laughed spontaneously out loud to. Such is modern day dad luck.