Bugaboo wheeled board.


[UPDATE: Looking for info on the Bugaboo Wheeled Board? Check out the updated post on all wheeled boards for strollers:

The Best Wheeled Boards for Bugaboo and Other Strollers | ModernDayDad.com]

Even though we've already got a ton of baby/kid gear, this new baby we're having in July does present some twists to the kid-gear needs. The first and foremost in my mind is (of course) - how will this affect my Bugaboo?

So the Bugaboo only will stroll one kid at a time (obviously), and by the time the new baby arrives Madame will be barely two years old. Short of getting a new double-wide stroller there aren't many options.

Bugaboo does offer this "wheeled board" attachment (pictured).

The idea is the kid stands on it, in front of you and facing forward; and kind of rides while holding on. I've never seen one used, and right now it's pretty hard to imagine Madame standing still on the back of a stroller while it's moving.

Has anyone used this attachment (or even seen someone who was using it)? Please leave a comment if you have. I'd be really interested to know.

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Next on MDD - if the older kid is being strolled around in the normal non-bassinet seat, where is the new baby going to sleep?...