Wish list 2005

I got an email a week or so ago from AJ over at Thingamababy asking me (along with the other bloggers in his blog roll) to post a wish list of things they want for their kids this year (here's AJ's list). We don't really have a list for Madame, we're just letting our family decide what they'd like to give her. Except long sleeve shirts. She needs some long sleeve shirts.

Instead I've decided to post my personal wish list of things I'd like to have this year. Emphasis is most definitely on "wish."

  1. I'd like Costco to stop "improving" every baby product I buy from them on a regular basis. First they decided to stop carrying Pampers Cruisers and replace them with their own, crappy (sorry) "Kirkland" brand of diaper. Then they went and "improved" the baby wipes so now they stick to each other so much that every time I go to get one I get five. Goddamn Costco.
  2. I'd like to see some more attractive women on the TV shows Madame and I watch. Laurie Berkner always sings a happy song to dance to on Jack's Big Music Show, but why can't Heidi Klum stop by the clubhouse once in a while?
  3. I'd like everyone who reads this to send a package to a soldier serving overseas. You don't need to know anyone, just go to AnySoldier.com, click the "Where To Send" link and pick one of the hundreds who seem to post requests every day. Don't mix personal hygiene items with food, and don't forget to include a letter. It's really the least any of us can do.
  4. I'd like a gnome to pick up after the trail of destruction my daughter leaves behind. I don't need a maid, just a magical little guy to quietly put back the stacks of magazines, drawers full of Tupperware, and boxes of salt from the pantry that she leaves in her wake.
  5. And I'd like a new dining room table and six Eames DCW.