Holiday gifts. Mom. Diaper bag.

It's time to start thinking about gifts, so this month I'm going to try to highlight a few things I've found that might be worth checking out.

Mom_diaperbagtFor your baby's mama: the Petunia Pickle Bottom shoulder bag.

You've already found your perfect dad diaper bag, but what about mom? Even though she might not use it as much, everyone loves having their own baby gear. I was in the pediatrician's office today and I saw a mom with this totally sweet diaper bag. PPB has been making high end diaper bag backpacks for moms for a while now, but I'd never seen the shoulder bags. The black one the mom had looked feminine, modern and stylish, without being another typical Kate Spade bag. It also looked pretty big, which always comes in handy.

Check out the "Samba Roll" diaper bag from petunia pickle

Also, check out Diaper Bags for dads at the Modern Day Dad Store.