MDD in the NY Times.

Earlier this week I gave a comment to a reporter from the NY Times for an article about strollers that came out this morning, so if you're visiting MDD for the first time, welcome.

As for the article, I make no apologies for loving my stroller. And like I told the reporter, I haven't personally come into contact with anyone who was annoyed by it (at least anyone who would come up and tell me).  If anything my experience is the exact opposite. At least a few times a month a stranger will come up to me and ask me about the stroller, where did I get it, etc. I can't help the intentions other people project on me when I'm using the stroller, nor can I be responsible for careless or thoughtless people who are using them.

Anyway, I'm always happy to have new people checking out my site, so please stay and look around for a while. I've included a couple of links on stroller-related stuff, or you can search the site for keywords like "bugaboo" or "stroller".

Supersize Strollers Ignite Sidewalk Drama [NY Times]

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