Have monitor, will travel.

I think by now I've settled into my dad-hood pretty well and I'm all but adjusted to my new life. Even more, I think I've gotten over most of my selfish, personal sadness at the lifestyle (freedom, really) that I left behind. The one thing that I miss the most though is being able to travel like an adult.

We take Madame everywhere, and usually it works out for us pretty nicely. So a few days ago we went away for labor day weekend to someplace without family, where we could relax and get away for a while. It was great, but it really brought home the fact that some of the things that are so easy to deal with your child at home (or in someone else's house) are almost impossible in a hotel room. And I'm not talking about breakfast or bath time. The thing that sucks the most is (unless you've got a suite with a door) is everyone is pretty much going to bed at the same time. That is of course, unless you've got a room by the pool.

It was really just dumb luck on our part. We arrived, went to our room and realized we were adjacent to the pool deck. In the old days I probably would have been annoyed that my room had no view and would likely be loud. But we quickly realized that with a monitor (that we didn't bring) we could hang out at the pool while Madame took her nap during the day, or when she went to bed in the early evening. So after a quick trip to Walgreen's to pick up a monitor (who knew they'd have one there? My wife did as it turns out) we were in business. Let me tell you, it worked like a charm.

So if you want to salvage an adult moment or two when you're traveling, throw the monitor in the suitcase. And request that crappy room by the pool. You'll probably be the only one who loves it.