Up the water spou... ehh screw it.

TheitsyLast week I mentioned in my post about taking madame to Gymboree that I'm completely inept at kids' songs, particularly that Itsy Bitsy Spider song. For some reason I couldn't figure out how to do the hand movements to "up the water spout." I told my wife about it later that day, and after some pointing and laughing, my wife explained that it's thumb to index finger, thumb to index finger. I'm happy to report that, with some practice I've got it.

But just in case I forget, or anyone else is also a little cloudy on how to do it, AJ over at Thingamababy has carefully written up and photographed all the hand motions. Isn't the Internet great? One man's moment of idiocy can save countless others from the same fate.

How To: Perform the Itsy Bitsy Spider [Thingamababy]