Two shops to check out in LA.

Even though our tip to LA two weekends ago was not without it's trials, I was able to find a couple of cool kid's stuff boutiques to visit. Both of them were near each other in Silver Lake, a cool neighborhood in LA that I had never been to before but wish I had. (It seemed to me to be kind of like a place where the urban hipsters in LA move to when they can't afford - or want - to live in West Hollywood.)

The first one we went to was Grometville, mostly because I wanted to pick up some bath tub stickies I had read about in DaddyTypes. Grometville is a pretty typical baby boutique store with a lot of clothes and cool gift items. Actually a lot of great gift items - I particularly liked the double snapsuit set for twins from Wry Baby that said "Stop Copying Me"  that I had never seen before. We picked up some stickies and a gift for a friend and then headed a block down the street to another shop called Furthur Kids (no website, here's a link to their entry in CitySearch). Furthur Kids had more toys and some furniture and was equally worth checking out (we got a sweet tambourine for Madame there).

Then we made a quick trip for dad to Han Cholo in Echo Park for a sweet belt buckle. But unfortunately they only had it in silver plate - and if I ever bought a buckle for $1200 I'd have to kick my own ass.