Momist toy cell phone.

ToycellphoneOne of the gifts Madame got for her birthday this year was the Parents Magazine Play & Learn Record-A-Voice Cellphone. It's a toy cellphone, with buttons that make beeping sounds and a ringer that goes off when you shut the phone. It also has this recording feature, where you can record a something that your child can play back by pressing a button. It's kind of a cool idea and she does enjoy it, but my problem came with a marketing slogan on the packaging (pictured above).

"push a button and HEAR MOM'S VOICE"  (their emphasis)

Shouldn't "Parents" magazine do better than this? How about dad's voice? Or grandma & grandpa's? Or maybe they're just marketing to us stay at home dads, as our kids would probably like to hear mom's voice while she's away at work.

Somehow I'm doubting that though.