News links for a Thursday

Get hip to tips for clueless dads  [Wakefield Observer]
This is a pretty good advice article for new or soon-to-be dads from a random columnist in Massachusetts. Usually when I read these types of articles with headlines that include "clueless dads" I expect to hate it (or at least roll my eyes) but he's got some pretty good advice. Even if the title sucks.

Tubby toon dads square off  [Chicago Tribune]
Why is this show "The Family Guy" all of a sudden in my personal media radar? I'm pretty sure it's been on for a long time. This article is like the third reference to it I've seen or heard in two days. I guess I've got to check it out. Oh yeah, I guess Homer was dissing the Family Guy dad on the Simpsons.

Website gives parents biased advice, lawmaker says
  [USA Today]
Wait one minute. A government website put out by the Bush administration and funded by my tax dollars promotes a right-wing agenda to children and parents? That is a news flash. That new pope is Catholic too.

Candy draws kids, car bomber  [San Fransicsco Chronicle]
This time I saved the worst for last. If you haven't heard about this yet, a suicide bomber in Iraq targeted soldiers who were passing out candy to a crowd of kids the other day, killing 27 - mostly children. Just when you think you're desensitized to the amount of evil in the world, shit like this happens.