Kid tracker.

GpsA few months ago I got all weirded out about a company that was putting GPS trackers in school uniforms, but that was a few months ago. My baby can only crawl around now, but even that limited mobility has given me a completely new perspective.

A British company has come up with a pretty simple solution for parents wanting to know exactly where their kids are. They've got a GPS device that kids carry around with them, which will let their parents know where they are within one meter (or "metre" if you're British). The company charges a subscription service to the parents allowing them to track their kids on their personal computers and cellphones. The device also has a panic button, sending a text message to the parent's cellphone when pressed.

This is still kind of creepy to me (I'm glad my parents didn't make me carry GPS around when I was a teenager), but you know, I'm guessing someday soon this stuff will seem really normal.

Sazo GPS Location [via Shiny Shiny]

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