Cloth diapers. More than I wanted to know.

I was checking out some new dad blogs the other day when I started to read on a four part "Dr. Strangepoop" series about reusable diapers. Reusable diapers? I've never given much thought to reusablediapers. To me it just seemed like an old fashioned way of doing things, so old fashioned in fact that when I first read "reusable diapers" my gut reaction was to think he was reusing disposable diapers. But I guess there are lots of people out there who are doing this, and the technology has gotten a lot better than the fold and pin days of our mothers.

I can't argue with the reasons for doing it - better for the environment, cheaper etc. It all makes sense, but honestly I've got to say that not having to wipe off then launder dirty cloth diapers is one of life's luxuries that I can afford. Environment be damned.

Part 1: Dr. Strangepoop: Preamble for Cloth Diapers [] (the other parts are linked to in that article).

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