Back from vacation and through Philadephia Int'l Airport.

Well, we made it back from our vacation to the finger lakes of upstate New York last week, and everything went pretty well. No one got sick, we all ate too much and I didn't go through the severe media withdrawal that I was worried about. The traveling itself was tough, Madame at one year old is more difficult to deal with than she was even the last time we flew a couple of months ago. A big shout out has to go to modern day mom who was really the star this trip, dealing with Madame most of the time, particularly on the flight home when we couldn't all get a seat together.

There's way more laundry to do than blog about today, so I'm going to cut it short. But I will say that if you're flying anytime soon do whatever you can to avoid connections through Philadelphia. The airport is unbelievably bad (I personally witnessed piles of luggage left out on the open tarmac in an hour-long rain storm) and unbelievably dirty (we would have let the baby crawl around but we definitely wanted to avoid, as my wife put it, the "salmonella floor"). At least they didn't loose my stroller.

Oh, and I hope that Harry-Potter-reading mid-30s douchebag who wouldn't give up his aisle seat so I could sit with my family has kids some day and they give him nothing but misery on airplanes until they're 18.