The jogging stroller.

Reebok_strollerFor Mother's Day I got the modern day mom a jogging stroller. We had been talking about one for a while, so I figured it would be a cool thing to get her for her first mother's day - especially since it was baby-related.

I did the research and ended up getting The Reebok Velocity, and so far we're really happy with it. The brakes, wheels and other functioning parts work great, and it's got plenty of pockets for baby stuff, cellphones and water bottles. My wife went for a run with the baby the other day, and she said everything went well, though she did get blisters on her hands from holding the rubber grip (I think biking gloves are in her near future).

Reebok does make a more heavy duty jogging stroller for cross-country running I guess, but on pavement and even dirt paths this stroller works well.

Reebok Velocity. $179.99 from