Kid's music mystery.

Before I had a baby I thought I'd basically still get to enjoy the things I like, only with a baby in tow. I especially figured the baby would be super hip, listening to all the music I enjoy and eschewing what I perceived to be annoying and often insipid kid's music. I definitely have a baby that likes music, but as it turns out, it's kid's music that she loves.

I don't know why - it's so much of a mystery to me I can't even bullshit a reason for it (and believe me, I'm pretty good at talking out of my ass). She'll listen to the music that I like, but it's "The Bear Went Over The Mountain" coming out of her activity table that she rocks her little butt to. I even broke down and played one of the children's CDs we got for a shower gift the other day, and sure enough, she loved it.

I've spoken with other people who have had similar experiences, but I'd love to hear from someone who's got a legitimate explanation as to why those kids songs work so well. I know simple melodies and sweet voices work, but how come it's not bad-ass guitar and dope beats?

Also, suggestions for kid's CDs that don't suck are also greatly appreciated.