Worth the sleep loss.

I'm happy to report that Star Wars Episode III was great, and seeing it at midnight with the other freaks fans was a lot of fun. This is of course all prelude to a weak excuse for a weak blog post today. I'm tired, which is really lame because my wife managed to get the same amount of sleep I did and she's at work now, which must suck way more. Have I mentioned recently how much she rules?

Quick review? There was more action and less boring plot exposition. Basically it ruled and was the movie everyone pretty much wanted to see two movies ago. It's also very much PG-13, so be wary of bringing your small kids to see it, no matter how much they love C3PO and R2D2. I'd recommend checking it out first to make sure it's OK for your own Jedi younglings. You won't mind seeing it twice, trust me.

In the mean time, check out the Star Wars Photoshop contest at Worth1000.com (via Boing Boing).