Restaurant toy.

Fascination_stationCheck out the Sassy "Fascination Station" (doesn't "Fascination Station" sound like a bad mid-70s rock group?). We got one from my dad quite a few months ago, and at the time we just put it with the rest of Madame's toys. Then one day we were looking for a toy to bring with us to a restaurant, and a light bulb went off. It has a suction cup on the base.

Now it pretty much has a permanent home in my diaper bag. The wheel on it spins around and provides a pretty decent distraction at the table, and while the suction doesn't work perfectly, it's enough so that if she finally gets it off the table we can intercept it before she throws it on the floor.

Are there any go-to restaurant toys you use and love? Suggestions are always appreciated.

Sassy Fascination Station. $9.95 at Baby