Pancake Mountain.

You know what I hate? I hate it when someone shows me something so cool I'm pissed I didn't know about it before. Seriously, where the hell have I been?

A friend sent me a link yesterday to an article in the Washington Post about this unbelievably cool public access kids show in Washington DC called Pancake Mountain. It was started by an indie filmmaker who wanted to make fun TV shows for kids that didn't include a barrage of product tie-ins and, more importantly, that didn't suck. The result is a pretty awesome mix of skits, animation, and lots of great musical guests. Check out The Arcade Fire clip with the kids rocking on stage with the band, and also check out the clip from the Evens (with Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and Minor Threat) and their song "Vowel Movement." Since I don't live anywhere near DC, I'm ordering my copy of their DVD today.

On TV's 'Pancake Mountain,' Hot Bands Playing With Hip Tots
[Washington Post]

Pancake Mountain web site. Be sure to check out the clips section.