Hey! Nice looking can of...

VippLike a lot of dads apparently, the Diaper Genie is starting to annoy me. It works OK, but it seems like I'm always waiting for that one out of ten times where the bag won't twist properly and then I've got this big sac of dirty diapers that won't twist off. Some people recommend the Diaper Champ, but what about the modern parent with way too much money to throw down the... well, you get the idea.

For them I present Vipp wastebaskets. Electroplated, corrosion resistant, stainless steel wastebaskets made from a family-owned Danish company? Did I just say Danish? Why in the hell am I using this ridiculous Diaper Genie??? Oh yeah, because they cost $178. If I came home with a $178 diaper pail, I'd have to kick my own ass and save my wife the trouble.

$178 at Garnet Hill (link via Urban Baby Daily)