Billy Bob binky.

Billybob_pacifierOK. First let me say that this is NOT a "Binky™," which (in case their lawyers are reading) is a trademark of Playtex and should only be used accordingly (except for glaringly obvious blog post titles).

You've probably seen the super-realistic Billy Bob fake teeth somewhere. Well, like everyone else it seems, they've got a product for your kid too. Billy Bob pacifiers are regular pacifiers with ends that make it look like your kid's got a mouth full of disgusting choppers. They've got some more tame designs too (like baseballs or the "Lil' Piglet") but most of them are similar to Billy Bob teeth. The one pictured is the "What's Up Doc?" Crass, but kind of funny. (Oh, and someone tell Greg from Daddytypes they've got a camo pacifier too).

$12 at (about halfway down the page)