News links for a Wednesday.

Stigmatizing Fathers [Reason Online]
A pretty good article about the tough place fathers can find themselves in if the mother of their unborn baby decides to put it up for adoption. "Biological paternity isn't everything; but it isn't nothing either."

Auction To Name Child [Sky News]
An Australian couple decided to put "promotional rights" for their unborn baby up for auction on eBay, but eBay pulled the auction on the last day. When did eBay get a conscience? I must have missed that.

Why do kids get sick? []
The "National Children's Study," the largest long-term study of children and disease is about to begin. It will take 21 years and might cost as much as $2.7 billion, but could you put a price on a good chance for a cure for diabetes, asthma or autism? Me neither.