Nelson clocks for kids.

Tucan_clockA while ago I was thinking about getting a clock for Madame's room - something she could enjoy when she got older but would look great too. Staying with the big dot theme of her nursery, originally I was thinking about one of the George Nelson ball clocks. They look great, but a clock without numbers doesn't seem like a good idea for a child's room (You see sweetie? When the big hand is on the red ball and the little hand is on the orange ball it's time for dinner). Then I saw these the other day.

Vitra is now reissuing three animal themed clocks designed by George Nelson - the "Zoo Timers." There is Omar the Owl, Fernando the Fish, and Talulah the Toucan (pictured). Besides having great names (I think I need a friend named Omar), they're colorful, fun and have big numbers. As is far too often, great design (especially from a big-name designer) doesn't come cheap, but they sure are cool.

Zoo Timer clocks $115 at Unicahome