Sixth month developments.

Well, we just passed Madame's sixth month birthday and we've officially begun what is usually described to me as "the best age." "Wait until they are six months old," people say. "That's the best age."

I have to say I can understand where they are coming from. Right now everything for her is brand new, and she's interacting with just about everything within her arm's reach. At the same time she's not old enough to speak or be intentionally obstinate and willful. She's mostly happy to sit and play with some toys, or smile at anyone who smiles at her. It is a great age, but I'd like to think it's going to keep getting better (though I know there will also be some rough times ahead too).

Anyway, her six month developments are some big ones. They are:

  • Sitting up: She was close last month, but for a week or two now she's been sitting up on the floor completely unassisted. Spread some toys around for her to reach and grab and she's a happy girl. She can't get back up on her own if she falls over, but all of her struggling to sit up on her own these past few months has paid off.
  • Rolling over: This one has been a worry of mine, but the other week we came into her room in the morning to find her sleeping on her stomach. It's now to the point that she's on her belly about 30-40 percent of the mornings. She's not rolling around all over the house yet, but I think this is a step in the right direction.
  • Grasp and release: She was reaching and grabbing things last month, but now she's learned to release whatever she's holding onto, especially if she wants to pick up something else.
  • Shaking her head: I'm not sure if this is a "development" or not, but it's something that's turned up recently that she keeps repeating. Occasionally when she's tired (in bed or in her stroller or swing) she'll whip her head back and forth, and when she's half asleep it looks kind of like she's possessed. I'm guessing she's just uncomfortable and is instinctively shaking her head to try to settle down, or maybe it has something to do with rolling over - I'm not sure. I'll be sure to keep the Ouija Boards away from her a while though - just to be on the safe side.