News links for a Wednesday.

Here are three things I found online last night:

  • More dads are staying at home [Seattle Times]. The Seattle Times wrote an article about stay-at-home-dads that doesn't suck. It's short and uses the ridiculous 2002 census number that Rebel Dad hates so much, but it's still pretty positive. (By the way, congratulations and good luck to Rebel Dad at his new job).
  • Babies Recognize Face Structure Before Body Structure [Science Daily]. So I guess when strangers say, "See, she recognizes her daddy," there is some truth to it. Then again, she'll smile at anyone who smiles at her first.
  • 'Who's Your Daddy?' sinks to new lows in viewers too [AP]. I have to admit, I saw the end of this show. It was as simultaneously lame and despicable as you'd expect, but also kind of boring. I guess this probably means there won't be a second. Good.