Gen X Dad.

The Boston Globe ran a great article this past Sunday about "Gen X" dads (ages 26-40) and new attitudes towards fatherhood. It's well worth the read, if only because it takes a complicated subject and treats it like a complicated subject (unlike the NY Times' Desperate Househusbands article last month). There all kinds of dads and fatherhood situations, and most of us are doing the best job we can, albeit differently than our fathers did. The article interviews thoughtful dads who neither complain about or glorify their situations, but just explain how they've managed their dad-life. It's great - the best article about fatherhood I've read since I started paying attention to fatherhood articles.

Gen X Dad by Patricia Wen [Boston Globe]
link courtesy of Daddy Types and the imminent dad (and fellow Red Sox fan apparently) over at new dad blog More Diapers.