Airplane successes and a question.

Happy New Year. We made it back and forth from the east coast for the New Year's weekend, which means Madame successfully completed her first airplane trip. I'm happy to report everything went very well - she slept, ate, and fussed about as much as we expected her to. In the end it wasn't as big of a deal as we feared thought it would be. The flight attendant even told us afterwards that "it doesn't get much better than that."

The only real difficulty we had at 10,000 feet was changing the baby. We managed to do it on our lap (which we were only able to do because there were two of us), but it occurred to me, what am I supposed to do when she gets bigger? For that matter, what would I have done if it were just the baby and I flying together? The bathroom in the plane is impossibly small, and unless you had a row of empty seats there aren't many options. I did notice one father change his toddler on the floor of the bathroom with the door open, which I guess is do-able but it seems pretty dirty. I would imagine it would depend on the type of plane you're on (we were on a 737), but are there any tricks I'm missing? Any tips in the comments would be most appreciated.