True Dads? Snooze Dads.

Like I blogged about last week, I finally got around to watching that True Dads with Bruce Willis show yesterday, and I for one thought it left a lot to be desired. I guess it's what could be expected from SpikeTV, but it's too bad it wasn't more thought provoking. Here are my two cents:

  • Every dad story except one was about a father-son relationship. The show might as well have been called "True Father-Son Relationships with Bruce Willis". That actually might have been a better show. As a dad with a daughter, I would have liked to see something besides an overwhelmed and overjoyed first-timer like myself.
  • Bruce Willis, I swear I was rooting for you, but damn are you wooden. How is it that a guy who's had great movie and television roles acts so stiff when narrating or talking on camera? I guess I've got to work on separating the art from the artist.
  • Enough with the music montages. I'm supposed to be touched. I get it.
  • The only advice that I could discern for dads was to love your kids. And spend lots of "quality time" with them. Duh.

Oh well. Most of the stories were interesting, but the whole thing could have been half as long and twice as good. At least now I've got two hours of space freed up on my Tivo.