Good things happening to good people.

At first I was going to write about a news item I saw about a study showing men who use laptop computers on their laps may be lowering their sperm count, but then I saw this story.

I doubt this happens often, but this time the $27M California lottery jackpot went to a couple of people who deserve it. Steve and Debi Cifelli are infant abandonment advocates who have spent much of their lives working to stop the needless deaths of babies that others have left behind. Debi apparently was the driving force behind California passing the Safe Haven Law in 2001 which "...allow[s] desperate mothers to leave newborns at safe locations without fear of prosecution." It's unthinkable that such a law needs to exist, but I'm glad it does. Now the Cifelli's will use much of their new money to support their ongoing efforts to publicize the law, and hopefully save more children in the process.

Do-Gooders Win Lottery Jackpot - CBS News
(Horrible headline, good story.)