Die Hard Dad? Too easy. How about, Tears Of The Son?

I suppose I should file this with the Hey Dad - Let's Talk board game in the "don't be so quick to be so cynical" column. Apparently SpikeTV is taking some time off from showing Star Trek: The Next Generation reruns to air a new two hour special called True Dads with Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis? OK. Right off the bat I want to make fun of it. Because when I think "fatherhood" I think Die Hard: With a Vengeance. But then I reconsidered - he's got three kids and a famous ex-wife who's dating someone 23 years younger than he is, so it's not like his life is without complication. He certainly has more fatherhood experience than I do, and someone has to host the show so why not the dude from Moonlighting?  I guess the plan is to examine six unique fatherhood stories, and pepper in some advice and anecdotes from famous dads like Matt Lauer and Alec Baldwin. It could be good I guess (anything promoting responsible fatherhood is good thing I suppose), but two hours sounds like a long time. If you're interested it's on this Friday December 17 at 9PM.

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