The stuff has gotta come with us.

It's Tuesday and we’regearing up to take Madame on her first road trip. Tomorrow we’ll be driving (hopefully) 4-5 hours to LA to spend Thanksgiving with her Aunt and Uncle and other friends. I’m actually not too worried about the car ride itself, she’s pretty good in the car and we’ll take breaks if when we need to. But unlike the road trips of old, I’m starting to realize the amount of stuff I’ve got to bring to support one 4 month-old for the weekend is serious. Clothes, formula, bottles, diapers, pack n play, baby Bjorn, bouncy seat – it’s all adding up. How many diapers does she go through in a weekend anyway? Do I bring the swing? Should I bring stuff so she can take a bath? Am I getting crazy with all of this? Yes (but I’d still love to have the swing if it will fit).

Anyway, this has reminded me of a service I saw posted a while ago on Baby Chic 101 (I can’t find the actual post) about a service called “Babies Travel Lite.” For a fee they will purchase and deliver to your destination all the things you need for baby, from feeding and diaper stuff to bath items and medicine. The prices aren’t outrageous, and with a little planning ahead the “convenience charge” can be as low as $10. Obviously we’re not traveling outside of civilization this weekend (there are plenty of places to buy baby wipes in the valley), but if we were flying I could see being tempted. “Here’s your room key sir, and your Huggies and Similac are already in your room. Enjoy your stay.”