Road trip lessons.

We're back from our first road trip with Madame and everything went pretty well. Everyone had a good time and she was, as expected, the queen of the party. Here are some lessons I learned:

  1. Bring the pack 'n play if you can. Even if you don't think you'll use it.
  2. If you're staying at a hotel with a crib, call ahead and make sure they've got the crib in your room all ready to go. Because they could loose the keys to housekeeping when you get in at 12 AM. And dad, you might be out of luck. Unless you remembered the first lesson.
  3. Bring one of your own crib sheets.
  4. Washing bottles is a pain, and that fact doesn't change when you're away from home. Throw in that bottle washing brush with the extra bottles.
  5. One "baby station" (swing, bouncy seat, play mat) is enough. More is just overkill.
  6. Make at least one extra bottle for the car. The extra you don't think you'll need will come in handy in impossible holiday traffic.
  7. This is going to get way more difficult the older she gets. I think.