WeeRide bicycle seat.

WeerideA little more than a year ago my wife and I got bikes; not really for exercise but more for fun (something to ride to the library or around the trails near where we live – that kind of thing). But now that the baby has arrived we haven’t been out riding our bikes once. There are lots of walks to the park, but no bike rides. We’re psyched to go for rides when the baby gets old enough, and I think I found just the thing to make it happen – the WeeRide.

It’s a pretty simple concept really. Instead of towing your baby around in a trailer, or in a carrier on the back of the bike (like my mom used to do with my sister back in the day), the WeeRide is a little seat you put in front of yours just behind the handlebars. This way, the kid is up front with you where you can keep an eye on him or her (and they can keep an eye on what’s going on). I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like a lot more fun than the other options.

$115.00 from Yoya Mart in Manhattan.