Voices in your head? Thank your dad.

As if I don’t already have enough to worry/feel guilty about – now I might really be to blame if my kid turns out crazy. Apparently Swedish researchers have found that dads over 30 pass on a greater risk of schizophrenia to their children due to mutations in their sperm. But wait, it gets better. The research also found that the link was stronger if there was no family history of schizophrenia. So if you and your family are basically sane, but you decided to wait until you were a little more “stable” to have kids, then all you were really doing is giving more time for your sperm to mutate. Oh, and the risk increases by 50% every extra 10 years you wait, so if you’re thinking about kids, get to work.

Older Dads May Increase Schizophrenia Risk
Older father schizophrenia link BBC.
(I don't feel like an "older father.")