It should warn about the rash.

PegperegoMy wife and I recently noticed that our daughter was developing a very strange rash on the outside of her right arm, around the elbow. Her other arm was fine, as was the rest of her body. It didn’t look very bad, it wasn’t spreading, and she wasn’t otherwise sick (no fever or sluggishness) so we decided to keep an eye on it.

I was trying to figure out what could be causing it, when then the other day I brought her back into the house from the car and I noticed something. Her right arm was tucked into the car seat, right where the geniuses at Peg Perego decided to stitch in a warning label (see picture above). The label is made of some kind of synthetic, non-breathable material (not the same material as the rest of the seat). We live in the desert and she can get sweaty in her car seat, and I’m now convinced that this warning label was causing it. I took it off and her arm is already looking much better. Hey, I’m all for warning people that they should be facing their child to the rear, but put it someplace else. And if you’ve got the Primo Viaggio, be warned.