Get your kid ready for the World Series.

RedsoxcapDuring baseball season I spend the majority of my early evenings watching the Red Sox regular season games, and thanks to their resounding win over the Yankees last night I’m an incredibly happy man. Next is the World Series, and if you haven’t already you’ll want to make sure your kid is outfitted for the occasion. For the best stuff, skip the kids section at and go straight to The Souvenir Store on Yawkey Way. I’ve ordered stuff from them online in the past and have been happy with the transactions. Some of my favorites include the pink adjustable cap (or in straight-up navy), the Red Sox diaper set, and the Wally bib. (By the way, it's not for kids and not available at The Souvenir Store, but I think that Johnny is My Homeboy t-shirt is going to happen for me). What they are woefully lacking though is a simple pair of red socks for the baby. Any ideas on where to get some?

Also, I’ve noticed this isn’t the only dad blog to mention this amazing series, so here’s a shout-out to Laid-Off Dad, Greg from Daddy Types, and Rebel Dad.